Nationwide On-Site Heat Exchanger Service & Repair

Let The Professionals From Ross HX Come To You!

The New Ross HX Mobile Service Center

We have taken on-site heat exchanger service to the NEXT LEVEL! With the new Ross HX Mobile Service Center we can service your heat exchangers as thoroughly as we can in our shop!

Diagnostics & Repair

Ross HX offers on-site diagnostics and timely repair for your heat exchangers. There is no job too big or too small for Ross HX to handle.

Experienced Professionals

Ross HX will come to your site equipped with advanced technology, professional tools and validated experience. Ross HX has several crews staffed with professionally trained technicians proven to provide excellent service. Ross HX will perform each task with the highest of safety standards.

24/7 Emergency Service

Ross HX offers 24/7 emergency service to handle all your heat exchanger needs.

Seasonal and Maintenance Shutdowns

Contact Ross HX today to schedule a crew to fulfill your next shutdown. Ross HX is recognized by the BBB, ISN Net World, Coupa, Browz, SAM, SAP, and many others.