Heat Exchanger Services & Repair -- Our 6-Step Reconditioning Process

Ross HX Also Offers On-Site Service & Repair!

Step 1:
Each Heat Exchanger will be properly “logged in" and assigned a W.O. # that will follow the plate pack throughout its time at our facility. This will enable the customer to have access to information at each stage, and customers can use RossHX's Real Time Tracking to monitor the progress. This process also ensures no mixture of other customers plates.

Step 2:
Each Heat Exchanger plate will then be pre-rinsed before entering our "non abrasive cleaning process".

Step 3:
Our non-abrasive cleaning process will clean and restore your plates by removing product buildup and water deposits. Each tank will be fully charged and heated ensuring quicker processing.

Step 4:
Each Heat Exchanger plate will then enter the "dye penetrant" process for proper dye penetrant leak testing.

Step 5:
Each Heat Exchanger plate then enters the dye quality check. This process will help identify and locate cracks and/or pinholes which would allow for cross-contamination. Guaranteed testing of each plate is a must unless otherwise directed by the customer.

Step 6:
Each Heat Exchanger plate will then enter the "re-gasketing" stage. This process may vary from customer to customer depending on the adhesive which best fits the customers needs. However, the attention to detail will remain the same. RossHX has the ability to also use a two part epoxy as per the customers request. This step will add additional time as each plate will need to be properly assessed with a jig and put into the oven for proper curing.

Each Heat Exchanger plate will then enter the final stage of "quality control". This is where they are inspected and packaged for return to the customer. If the customer provides the plate arrangement, RossHX will make sure each plate pack is put in order for easy installation.

Logistics Provided By Ross HX
Ross HX can handle all of the logistics including pickup and delivery of your plate and frame heat exchangers.

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